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Karla Zamudio is a gifted actress born and raised in East Los Angeles and proud of her Mexican-American heritage. Her career as a multi-faceted actress spans over the course of 25 years. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in commercials and top talent in film and TV, Karla brings her fiery Latin blood to every role she plays.

She’s played roles in major TV series such as The Last Ship, Mistresses, Switched At Birth, and General Hospital. She stood out as Dr. Martinez in the feature film Maximum Ride, based on James Patterson’s series of young adult fantasy novels. Being bilingual has proven to be a major asset for Karla as it has opened up a spectrum of acting opportunities throughout her career.

Karla has many years of experience acting in commercials for major brands which include McDonald’s, Visa, Walgreens, AT&T, Nationwide Insurance, and Honda, just to name a few! You may even remember her from the 2019 American Airlines commercial Stand Up to Cancer, alongside Tim McGraw. A woman of many talents, Karla has also been a lifestyle model for major print ads nationally and internationally.

Karla trained at the world-renowned Beverly Hills Playhouse and within a short time industry professionals started recognizing her talent. She has shown great versatility through the characters she portrays as she naturally delivers performances requiring subtlety, range, and depth.

In her free time, Karla stays grounded through hiking, meditation, yoga, cooking, and exploring spirituality. Karla’s guilty pleasure is still authentic street tacos!